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Handlooms of India

Hathmag Handlooms of India is an ode to all the heritage weaves of India.

With our love for diverse handloom products across the country, we handpick the most exquisite weave and fabric for your keepsake.

Our attempt is to highlight the diversified handwoven textiles of all the states in India and offer you with a most stunning collection of handloom sarees.





Our Story

“Hathmag” is a native term for Handloom in the Marathi language spoken widely in the state of Maharashtra in India.

Founded by a mother - daughter duo to encourage the consumption of all things handmade.

This enterprise is put together to bring forth a wide range of handloom sarees specific to its region and culture across India.

Hathmag Handlooms of India is a brand devoted to endorse handloom weaves of Indian ethnicity and thereby promote a trend of wearing a saree comfortably as any other outfit.

Shining bright in the beautiful collection of handloom sarees keeps the spirit of “Hathmag”

up and high!

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